Precision Labour Hire is a group of recruitment professionals with extensive experience in providing a range of skilled and unskilled staff, to meet any staff shortage you may encounter. After 23+ years trading we are able to source staff for you across Australia, with fast returns and limited inconvenience to your operations.

We currently recruit in a range of fields but are not limited to these areas.

Farming & Produce

Interview and induction Process
Precision Labour Hire recruits, screens, and interviews all potential candidates to create a pool of workers, we can supply at a moments notice. All candidates we supply have been through our recruitment process, including verification of tickets and licences as well as completing a basic safety induction.

Payroll - There is no need for you to waste precious time organising payroll deposits each week. We can provide personalised payroll services for your employees. Precision Labour Hire have the facilities to payroll your employees weekly so why not let us save you time by managing these deposits for you?
Timesheets and invoicing process - Precision Labour Hire has a simple process in recording casual staff member’s timesheets, and provides a simple weekly invoice reflecting the hours worked.

Talent Pools - Most employers are reactive in their approach to their recruitment needs, embarking on recruitment campaigns only when vacancies occur. This conventional approach limits the talent pool to only those who apply at the time. Precision Labour Hire's ongoing, pro-active recruitment program means we are continually recruiting and flagging potential talent for employers. This enables us to build pools of readily available talent for when you next need staff. Our approach saves time and money for the employer and offers a range of better quality candidates selected over a longer recruitment period.

Drug and Alcohol Screening - Precision Labour Hire has suitably qualified staff to undertake drug and alcohol screening as requested by our clients. Our aim is to ensure that our employees are in a safe condition to carry out the work required. If you require pre-employment or random screening for drugs and alcohol in your workplace contact us.
Consultants – 24/7 - As part of our commitment to you we provide a 24 hour service where one of our highly qualified consultants can be contacted 7 days a week 365 days of the year. A Precision Labour Hire staff member will call in person on a regular basis to ensure that you are getting the appropriate service and personnel and address any problems you might have.

Safety and Risk Assessments - Precision Labour Hire looks after the safety of our workers with great care. Every effort is made to ensure that the candidates supplied are capable and suitable for the job. Part of our process is to complete a risk assessment on site, and ensure our candidates have completed our general safety induction as well as understand our policies in relation to work place health and safety.